Building community through education is what Pathways is all about! 

They make a difference for local families by providing skills to create a career and that pays a living wage… and prepares them for success in the workplace.

More importantly, Pathways creates the community that inspires and connects women with a shared goal of future success.

Integrating into a new community can be extremely difficult for immigrant women. Some of them come from places where they’ve experienced trauma or abuse—places that are hard to forget.

Along with the tremendous emotional impact, such past experiences aggravate the path to education, admittance in the workplace, and conflicts in the home.

[These women] have been able to more fully engage in their education, leading to better jobs and a stronger Lynn community.
— Immigrant Women’s Personal Growth Program, Pathways, Inc

Through the “Immigrant Women’s Personal Growth Program,” sponsored by Pathways, Inc., a whopping 840 women from Lynn, MA, (as well as the Revere, Saugus, and Swampscott communities) were assisted over the course of a three-year grant provided by The Women’s Fund. 

Donations allowed this program to greatly expand its services to immigrant women. With an emphasis on continuing these women’s education, the program was also able to create a referral guide to “formalize relationships with support services, increasing both access to and quality of these services,” helping students “across the board.” The grant also paid for individual counseling and strategizing periods for students in “critical situations.”

“Support from TWF has allowed severely marginalized immigrant women the opportunity to learn, connect and inspire each other. It has given them resources and access to services that they previously were unaware of or fearful of engaging with and ultimately has given them the strength to heal emotionally and break free from difficult situations. They have been able to more fully engage in their education, leading to better jobs and a stronger Lynn community.”

This is the proof. This is why we do what we do—this is how we help strengthen women and, in turn, our community.