The Bellesini Academy believes that education is the key to escaping poverty. With 100% of their students graduating high school and 88% attending college, their goals are being realized.

More importantly, they know what it takes!

Students at Bellesini spend almost double the amount of time at school than peers and their parents contribute more than 2000 volunteer hours to the school annually. Building community, one family at a time.

One of their keys to success is the robust after-school program for girls.

“After-school hours are a critical time for youth. That time can represent either an opportunity to learn and grow, through quality after-school programs, or a time of risk.” 

The Women’s Fund supported 31 young female students through a program called, “Girls’ School, After-School & Evening Study Program,” run by the Bellesini Academy of Lawrence, MA.  

Your donations allowed the Bellesini Academy to provide new all-girls soccer, basketball, and softball teams, as well as programs in robotics, yoga, and the Building Bridges Club.

The After-School & Evening Study Programs provided our girls with the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment each day.
— Bellesini Academy, Girls’ School, After-School, & Evening Study Program

The girls were overjoyed to participate in these activities—especially the first all-girls MABACH team (a competition with other schools that includes Math, basketball, and chess):  

“We have been sending our male students to this Math, basketball, and chess competition for many years, and the girls have been training diligently in preparation for this year’s competition.  The girls loved playing in the Catholic Schools' basketball league this year and are excited for softball season to begin.”

The grant has also supported the Evening Study program, which provides female students with a quiet and safe environment for completing homework under the guidance of teachers and tutors.

These girls are not only receiving one-on-one attention for their academic work—they are also developing a wide range of skill sets, challenging themselves, and ultimately having fun in the process of becoming more confident and educated individuals.

What’s not to like about that?