Creating change together.


Creating change together.

Thought Leadership

 Behind the demographic, social and economic data we collect are women and families who struggle with life's basic needs.This data helps us identify targeted programs and track their effect. We are a resource to our agencies, other nonprofits and elected officials as we work together.

We are the voice for positive change.

Local Impact

Every woman and girl has the right to a life that is safe, financially secure and where the opportunity for a brighter future is possible. We are a committed community of agencies, volunteers and donors. We focus on Essex County because we believe sustainable social change begins on the local level.

We are bridging the gap.


Community Building

Financial insecurity, unhealthy living environments and lack of opportunities prevent women from thriving. Stronger women and girls build stronger families; stronger families build stronger communities. Investing in women and girls is the most effective strategy to strengthen families, communities and the economy.

We deliver solutions that impact the entire community.


Research Report

Women in Poverty in Essex County: A Call to Action


The need is real

The need is real

The Women’s Fund of Essex County changes the lives of women and girls in need or at risk by targeting highly effective programs that address complex and overlapping social issues. Our effective grant allocation process identifies programs that provide women and girls a proven path to meet their potential.  Through a single donation, our supporters invest in the future of our community. We believe positive change begins locally, one woman, one girl at a time.  It begins with each one of us.

1 in 4 women of color live in poverty

The Women's fund awarded $1.6 million in grant allocations over 14 years to 90+ programs

1 in 3 single moms with children live in poverty

Over 28,000 children in Essex County live in poverty. Almost 70% of them live in single mother families

48% of single mothers have a high school degree or less

1 in 7 women & girls in Essex County live in poverty. (vs. 1 in 10 men)
Median Income





All Women




Black / African American Women





Latina / Hispanic Women

100% of The Women’s Fund Grant allocations go to programs focused on Essex County women and girls

Senior women are 2x as likely to live in poverty as senior men

Feature stories

Feature stories

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